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1.1. If you can’t find satisfied answers of the problems you encounter in FAQ Section, you could contact us by instant communication device or leaving your message in our message board. iHomeC customer service team will contact and reply you as soon as possible.

1.2. You could also contact us by:

+86 (0)769 8126 8202

ihomec_mobile+86 180 2523 1901

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ihomec_addressGate 7, Hall 3, Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan, China 中国广东东莞厚街广东现代国际展览中心3号馆7号门

2. Business and Trade Opportunity

2.1. iHomeC is a strategic and professional O2O (online to office) furniture exhibition platform. We are dedicated to be the first and most prominent home furniture platform in the world offering the trade opportunities and services, online and offline, for the customers of both ends in B2B. With the technology and idea, iHomeC would be the best business partner for exhibitors, visitors, home furniture producers, international home furniture agencies, top designers, architects, and project managers.

2.2. For contacting our iHomeC sales team, please address us at

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