Is that a standard pricing for iHomeC exhibitors? Or different plans of premium service be offered? What are the details of service?

For the pricing and details of service, please contact our online customer service or contact us at

Will KPI data of the exhibitor page be offered to iHomeC exhibitor?

Yes, it will be offered and updated by iHomeC to our clients.

Will the brand and product page be managed by exhibitor or iHomeC?

- iHomeC will help manage the brand and product page of the exhibitor in the initial stage.

– iHomeC will offer training workshop for our exhibitors to manage their own brand and product pages.

– iHomeC will retain the final approval right on the site management.

If you want to display your brand on the homepage of iHomeC, what should you do?

- Submit your application to iHomeC.

– 2 Days will be needed for checking your company information by iHomeC before approval.

– After the approval, our customer service will contact you.

Do iHomeC clients enjoy the photography service by iHomeC? What is the pricing?

- For iHomeC exhibitors, we could offer professional photography service and the price rate will be provided by our online customer service and by email request via

Do iHomeC clients have to offer product information and photos on iHomeC by themselves?

-  iHomeC clients will have to offer their own product information and photos and they will be approved by iHomeC before posting.

How to open a store in iHomeC?

- For the details, terms and offers, please contact our online customer service, or send us an inquiry email via

Will be any leasing benefit for iHomeC clients in Famous Furnishings Expo Park?

- For the special terms and offers, please contact our online customer service, or send us an inquiry email via

Will iHomeC offer the logistic service after you placed an order with the exhibitor?

-  The exhibitor will manufacture the product according to the purchase order and will minimize the time for the production cycle to avoid any delay. The time and cost of the freight may varies according to the locations of producer and buyer. The lead time of the purchase order will vary according to each logistic arrangement.

–  The exhibitor will deliver the product to you punctually according to the terms and conditions of the contract both parties signed and the logistic service provider both parties authorized. iHomeC will bear no liability in the loss and damage arising from the transaction between the exhibitor and you.

–  Recommend the following logistic partners and provide special offers:

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If you have found the product you want to order, how to contact the exhibitor?

-  If you are interested to learn more about any product or exhibitor, you could enter the product page and click “Wishlist”. After you have confirmed adding your interested products or exhibitors to your wishlist, our customer service will updated you with the latest price and special offer of the products and the contact information of the exhibitors. We could also offer the service for arranging the meeting with exhibitor and the travel and accommodation for your visit.

Is iHomeC the online platform for home furniture companies of all nations?

-  Yes, iHomeC is dedicated to provide the online exhibition platform for furniture companies of any nation and language

How to search or source for a product on iHomeC?

-  Search by Keyword:

Inputting the name or the keyword of the product you want to find in Search Box on our homepage and click.

–  Search by Category:

Browsing the category tab of the product on our homepage and look for your target product.

How to Register?

-  It’s simple. You could simply register to be a member by inputting your email and password after clicking the log-in/register icon on the upper-left corner of our homepage.

What if I forget about the password?

You could regain your password in a few steps:

–  On the upper-left corner of log-in page, click “Forgotten password”

–  Enter Resetting Password page and input your email you used before for registering iHomeC membership.

–  Go to your own email account and reset your password via our reminder email.

What is 360 Degree Virtual Hall?

360 Degree Virtual Hall is the online first-person experience for you to visit every showroom in our iHomeC exhibition platform. It is programmed by taking the visual record of the real showroom of our exhibitors with the cutting-edge software and professional photographing and filming equipments.

It is the unique way for you to understand the brands and products better in an easy and value-added online experience. It is where visitors and exhibitors meet and exchange trade information in our website like in a real trade fair.

A click on “i” icon wherever you see in 360 Degree Virtual Hall will bring you more in-depth information of the related product.

What is Lookbook?

Lookbook is an online interactive brochure for you to discover the trade information of the product and brand you are interested in the visual display of a scene of the showroom of our exhibitor, which is engineered by the latest interactive software. A click on “i” icon on the product or brand on the scene of Lookbook will help you explore more about the related information.