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  • Brass Mango Wood Globe Accessory

    Materials: Brass, Mango wood ● Brass, color like gold, has a very good mechanical properties,  process performance and corrosion resistance. ● Mango wood, the belonging retardant wood species, the natural  way of expelling insect and purifying air. Features: ● Hand-carved, combination of character and art, solid and durable. ● American style, retro effect. Space: Living…

  • Resin Accessory

    Materials: Resin Features: ● Resin crafts, simple and fashion. ● Black tone with mysterious feeling. Space: Showroom, hotel, club.

  • Primeval Forest and Relaxed Frameless Painting

    Material: Acrylic Mounting: Frameless paintings Features: ● Under the sky, it is the endless forest  and the endless life. ● Trees are the oldest blessing from the  nature. ● Seamless matching technique of the highest  quality Space: Living Room, Dinning Room, Bedroom, Study Room, Hotel and Coffee Shop.

  • Gothic Dresser

    Material: Mahogany wood ● Imported mahogany wood, hard, clear grain. Features: ● Warm wood color creates peace and quietness with  three-dimensional craft. ● The use of premium silver mirror which is clear.  Hand-carved three-dimensional pattern. Space: Bedroom

  • DE19TV Cabinet

    Material: Combined wood, metal Features: ● Classic square design, decorated with fashionable shiny elements,  making atmosphere lively and vibrant. ● High-quality embossing metal drawer with clear and glossy texture;  each drawer is located in different planes. Items can be categorized  to facilitate storage, maximizing the storage to meet daily needs. Space: Living room

  • Honeycomb Cupboard

    Materials: Honeycomb board + Tempered glass Features: ● Transparent mirror effect effectively stretch  the sense of space. ● Practical, can be used as a curio, a bar, a  display cabinets, as well as a sideboard. Space: Living room, Dining room

  • Fuling Carpet

    Material: Nylon Features: ● The exotic mood on every piece of our carpet with  warm color tone gives your home the warm and relaxing  atmosphere. Space: Living room, bedroom

  • European-style Fruit Tray

    Materials: Glass/brass Features: ● Surrounded with European style pattern, the base gold  plating with brass. The handle like cirrus surrounded  it, delicate and beautiful. ● Designed by famous Italian designer, hand-made craft,  luxury and elegant. Space: Living room, study room, bedroom, hotel.

  • Western Style Classical Ceramic Trophy

    Materials: Copper, Ceramic Features: ● Amazing and graceful color matching of gold and blue with  a sense of fashion. ● Copper flower stand with delicate carving. Space: Living room, dinning room, bedroom, cafe, club.

  • Cow Skin Rug

    Materials: raw fur imported from Brazil ● Natural imported high-quality raw skin, has a unique color, no processing  and dyeing, fur burnish, extremely warm in winter and cool in summer,  easy to manage and maintain. Features: ● Decorative pattern is natural, each cowhide is unique. Space: Living room, bedroom