Shipping & Returns


– Exhibitors will manufacture the product according to the purchase order placed and the production cycle will be shortened to the extent that cost and time will be saved for the benefit
 of buyers.
– The time and cost for the shipping will vary depending on the location of dispatch and its destination. The lead time for the shipment will be confirmed according to the details of each
 purchase order.
– Exhibitors and the buyers would first negotiate and confirm the terms of the trade and the choice of logistic company before signing the trade agreement. Exhibitors will then deliver the
 goods punctually according to the terms and conditions of the trade agreement both parties signed. iHomeC would bear no liability in any loss or damage from the transaction between the
 exhibitor and buyer.
– iHomeC would recommend the following logistic partners and provide special offers. For details, please contact us on instant communication device or at

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Reminder: Delay may be caused by the custom check or any incident due to force majeure, exhibitors have the obligation to notify their buyers as soon as possible.


Reasons for returns:
– Quality Issue of the products
– Delay in shipment
– Violation of the terms of trade agreement
Terms of returns should be confirmed in the trade agreement between exhibitors and buyers. iHomeC is only the platform for providing information and is not liable in any trade dispute between the exhibitors and buyers.

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